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We are able to do nearly all aspects of a repair in-house, where we have control of the progress and quality of the work. Over the years, we have added machine tools, welding equipment, hydraulic hose-making capability, and all kinds of shop tools to help our employees perform complex industrial repairs and rebuilds.

There are certain processes we send out to specialty shops. These include balancing, heat-treating, plating, sandblasting, and painting.

Our repair work involves some combination of the following:

Fabricating replacement parts
Replacing parts

We are capable of doing certain repairs in the field. For example, we can weld up and line bore pin holes on a piece of heavy equipment. We can repair and possibly reinforce cracked equipment, by going out the cracks and re-welding. Or, we can help disassemble something in the field to bring it back to our facility to repair it.

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